ImageNow/WebNow Procedures

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Viewing Scanned Documents

Viewing/Searching Scanned Documents via WebNow
via ImageNow

Accounts Payable

Invoices Scanning Electronic Invoices
Scanning Paper Invoices
Coding Invoices
University Printing Workflow
Out of State Travel Request Scanning OSTRs
Payment Vouchers Creating Payment Voucher/Linking Documents
Scanning Payment Voucher
Posting Payment Voucher to Accounting System
Separating Documents via ImageNow
via Webnow

Accounts Receivable

Deposits Cash and Check Deposits
Credit Card Deposits
Interfund Vouchers

Red and Black Deposits

Human Resource

Personnel Documents Background Check
Complete HRIS Process
College of Ag Dean's Business Office


Viewing/Searching Annual Inventory Report via ImageNow
via WebNow


Viewing/Searching Deadfile Directive via WebNow