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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

Kansas State University
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Future Students

Considering the College of Agriculture at Kansas State University, but interested in reaching audiences through the enhancement of your communication and journalism skills?

Consider majoring in Agricultural Communications and Journalism



We offer two paths for ACJ majors. Click on the buttons below to explore the two paths we offer.

Button Leads to Agricultural Option Curriculum

Button Leads to Environmental Option Curriculum

Click below to explore what students are expected to learn in our program.

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Application & Cost Information

In order to apply for an undergraduate or graduate degree, and to learn about costs and possible financial aid, visit the Kansas State University Admissions website: Cost & Application



Currently, the Agricultural Communications and Journalism program has four academic advisers. All of our advisers are ready to guide you toward successfully completing your degree.

Learn more: Current Academic Advisers


What happens after graduating with a degree in ACJ?

There are many career opportunities for our students after graduation.

Click to explore possible careers in agricultural communications 


Setting you up for success

The time students spend majoring in Agricultural Communications and Journalism at Kansas State University is filled with many opportunities. Explore some of them by clicking on any of the boxes below.

Button leads to ACJ Curriculum Guides  Click to go to Agriculturist magazines, work produced by students during their time in ACJ.

Click to see ACJ's student Organizations  Click to view Internship opportunities and Alumni.

Click here to email one of our faculty


Meet Kyndall Hill

Kyndall Hill
ACJ, Agriculture Option
Canadian, Texas
“My time spent here in the ACJ department has been life changing. I have had so many doors opened for me, and I have connected with many amazing people and peers along the way. I am so excited to see where this department takes me in life, and I will always know that these people will support me through anything.”Kyndall Hill taking a picture in the KSU gardens.
Kansas State's Agricultural Communications and Journalism Program boasts a 100% job-placement rate for graduates.