Kansas State Agriculturist

The Kansas State Agriculturist was first published in December 1969 as a four-page newsletter with a staff of three students and an adviser.

"This publication is an attempt to keep agriculture majors better informed about each other and what is happening in agriculture," editor Loren Kruse wrote in Volume I, Number 1.

The magazine had grown to a 12-page black-and-white publication in 1975 and included advertisements in 1984. In 2003, the magazine launched its first full-color issue, which had grown to 32 pages. By 2012, the magazine had increased to 64 pages. The largest publication to date was the Fall 2023 magazine, which was 116 pages. Over the years, the students have received several awards for their work on this publication.

The focus of the magazine has remained consistent: to tell the stories of the Kansas State University College of Agriculture. Students experience hands-on learning by working on all aspects of magazine production from story planning, advertising sales, and writing to editing, design, and printing to produce a quality publication.

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