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Job Opportunities

ACJ students receive notices about job and internship opportunities several ways. The program's listserv serves as the primary channel. Stay connected to our group on Facebook! If you have an opening you would like to promote, send a description and contact information to Department Head Jason Ellis, and he will gladly share it with the students.


Where are our alumni now?

Sierra Day

Sierra Day Headshot

Graduation year: 2020

Major: Agricultural Communications and Journalism

Current Position: Field Editor at Prairie Farmer

"It wasn’t until my first ACJ class that I really opened my eyes to ag communications. From my crisis communications to layout and design, I feel so equipped for wherever my career takes me."

Charlsie Craig

Charlsie Craig

Graduation Year: 2016

Major: Agricultural Communications and Journalism

Hometown: Scandia, Kansas

Current Position: RFD-TV Producer

This is an amazing major that honestly allows you to be in all aspects of the ag world. I've learned there is so much you can do in the agriculture community and this major helps you step in the right direction.

Julie Mais

Julie Mais '09

Graduation Year: 2009

Major: Agricultural Communications and Journalism, Animal Sciences and Industry

Current Position: Editor, Angus Journal

Start building a network of people — they will become your colleagues, peers and employers. Take classes that will challenge you and add to your portfolio. Many ag communicators wear many hats, so having a knowledge of various skills will be valuable. Develop your writing skills — being able to effectively communicate whether it’s through email, social media, writing an article, etc., can get you far. Ask for feedback and apply what your learn. Explore the vast possibilities of the ag comm field through opportunities like internships and job shadowing. You don’t know what you will like, or dislike, until you experience it first-hand.


Phil White

Phil White


Agricultural Communications, 2008, Agricultural Economics, 2010

Current Position:

Vice President/Agricultural Lender, Impact Bank, Caldwell, Kansas

"I recommend this major to any student interested in any career in agriculture (and even beyond)! The excellent student-to-faculty ratio allows for personalized attention and experiences specific to your interests, skills, and strengths. The excellent practical industry experience you will gain and the strong industry relationships you will cultivate during your time at K-State will propel you into your next step. The excellent adaptability you will develop as a student in agricultural communications and journalism will open many additional and diverse career doors for you. Since graduating, I have been a radio news reporter and anchor, a television news assignment editor, newscast producer, photographer and reporter, radio station general manager, and now banker. I can trace all of those back to skills I gained as an agricultural communications and journalism major."