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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

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Highlighted Activity

Free Physical Activity Class for Women -- K-State's Physical Activity and Public Health lab is offering a free, 14-week class for women wanting to be physically active. Topics include overcoming barriers, setting goals, building confidence, staying motivated and group support. For information, call 532-3484 or e-mail paphlab@ksu.edu.

Walk Kansas is still a few weeks away, but you don't have to wait to start your active lifestyle. Get out and get moving: invite friends, family and co-workers to join you for a walk or jog or other regular activity.

Check out The President's Challenge, which helps you track your activities on-line (individually or as a group), and its Web site provides a log, some wellness tools, and lots of extras. Visit www.presidentschallenge.org.

Do you have ideas for this site or for a program in the department? Send your comments, feedback and ideas to LiveWell@ksre.ksu.edu.

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