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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

Kansas State University
1612 Claflin Road
301 Umberger Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-3402

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Agricultural Education Club

Students in the Agricultural Education Club plan and host many activities including the K-State Agricultural Education Club Speech Contest, Ag Fest activities, and a scavenger hunt for the College of Agriculture Open House. Other activities include the National FFA Convention, professional development seminars, picnics, an annual banquet, and monthly meetings. Any K-State student who wants to support these efforts may become a member.

If you wish to join the Agricultural Education Club, please complete the membership form, and pay club dues for the 2021-2022 academic year, by clicking the boxes below.

Agricultural Education Club Membership form

Click here to pay agricultural education club dues. 

Contact Brandie Disberger for more information.

TEACH AG ED        2021 AGED Officers

2020-21 Ag Ed Club Officer Team: Back Row L to R: Ethan Goff, Casinda Smith, Logan Elliott, Emily Glenn, Lukas Sebesta, Shyanne Jones, Corley Becker, ReAnna Dunlap, Cyla Gardner, Casen Steere, Front Row: Mason Prester and Meghan Eidman.

Ag Ed Club Officers 2020-2021

President:Ethan Goff
Vice President:Meghan Eidman
Secretary:Emily Glenn
Treasurer:Casi Smith
Public Relations: ReAnna Dunlap
Ag Council: Casen Steere
Ed Council: Mason Prester
Finance Committee Chair: Logan Elliott
Service Committee Chair: Shyanne Jones
Club Committee Co-Chairs:Cyla Gardner, Corley Becker
Professional CommitteeLukas Sebesta

Ag Education Club Officer Duties 

Agricultural Education Club Constitution


Fall 2021 Agricultural Education Club Schedule

8/31/21 - 5:00 pm: Meet and Greet @ Umberger lawn

                  5:30 Watermelon Feed @ Weber lawn                                 Hosts: Cyla and Corley

9/1/21 - National FFA Convention Applications Due
9/7/21 - Officer meeting @ 5:15
9/14/21 - 5:00pm Social – Ice cream

                   5:15pm Social/Committee Meeting                                    Hosts: Emily and Shyanne

9/28/21 - 5:00pm Social     

                   5:15 Professional Meeting – Opportunities Panel                   Hosts: Casi and Mason

10/5/21 - Officer meeting @ 5:15
10/12/21 - 5:00pm Social

                     5:15pm Social Meeting                                                          Hosts: Casen and Reanna

10/22/21 Officer Applications Due
10/27-30/21 National FFA Convention
11/2/21 - Officer Interviews – Officer Meeting before @ 5:15
11/9/21 - Professional Meeting – Senior Panel

Hosts: Lukas and Logan

***Banquet TBD

Hosts: Ethan and Meghan

12/14/21 Pancake Feed


Agricultural Education Club Goals.

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