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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

Kansas State University
1612 Claflin Road
301 Umberger Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-3402

785-532-5633 fax

Agricultural Education Club


2019 Agricultural Education Club Leadership Team (Back L to R) Hannah Hosick, Allison Dix, Caitlin Dreher, Caleb Powelson, Trenton Smedley, Quentin Umphenour. (Front L to R) Cara Wolverton, Kaydie Brandl, Emma Lehmann, Jenna Langer, Marie Reveles, Zach Callaghan.

 Ag Ed Club Officers 2019 


Zach Callaghan

Vice President:  

Allison Dix

Secretary:Cara Wolverton 
Treasurer:Trenton Smedley 
CTE Rep: Jenna Langer
Public Relations: Hannah Hosick
Ag Council Rep: Caleb Powelson
Ed Council Rep: Emma Lehmann
Club Committee Chair: Kaydie Brandl
Professional Committee Chair: Caitlin Dreher
Service Committee Chair: Quentin Umphenour 
Finance Committee Chair:Marie Reveles


Ag Ed Club Officer Duties (Word Document)

AGED Constitution

The club does many educational and fun activities. Any K-State student who wants to support these efforts may become a member. Contact Brandie Disberger for more information.

Ag Ed Club
Tentative Schedule of Events
Spring 2019 Semester

29th - Professional Meeting – 5 p.m. social/snacks, 5:15 meeting – 313 Umberger
▪ Hosted by (Trenton and Zach)

2nd - Ag Ed Speech Contest- 8 a.m. – TBD – Bluemont Hall
20th - VIP Day – 8 a.m.
12th - Social/ Business Meeting – 5 p.m. social/snacks, 5:15 meeting
▪ Activity – Jeopardy
▪ Hosted by (Caitlin and Hannah)
26th - Professional Meeting – 5 p.m. social/snacks, 5:15 meeting
▪ Tentative Activity- Extension Experience
▪ Hosted by (Marie and Kaydie)

26th - Professional Meeting – 5 p.m. social/ snacks, 5:15 meeting – 313 Umberger
▪ Hands on Tour
▪ Hosted by (Emma and Jenna)

6th - College of Ag Open House – Ag Ed T-Shirt Scavenger Hunt
9th - Social/ Business Meeting- 5p.m. social/snacks, 5:15 meeting
▪ Activity – Easter Fun
▪ Hosted by (Allison and Quentin)
23rd - Professional Meeting- 5 p.m. social/snacks, 5:15 meeting – 313 Umberger
▪ CDE Experiences
▪ Hosted by (Cara and Caleb)

5th - State FFA CDE Contest
▪ ACT Mini Golf with ACT – Time, TBD
6th - State FFA CDE Contest – Tagged to Teach Ag Promotional Event
7th - State FFA CDE Contest
31st - State FFA Convention Booth

6th - State FFA Convention Booth 10:30 am – 5:00 pm


AG ED Club Goals

  • Support Kansas agricultural education, including FFA, 4-H, and K-State Research and Extension
  • Develop leadership skills through participation in club activities
  • Provide opportunities for social activities through participation in club activities
  • Promote agriculture to the public
  • Support the K-State Agricultural Education program



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