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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

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Environmental Option

The environmental option require­ments are very similar to the agricultural option; however these students choose from a more specific set of courses focused on natural resources to meet their interests and gradua­tion requirements.

Students who select this option may also complete a second major in natural resources and environmental sciences, which makes them even more marketable when competing for science-based communications positions.

Environmental Option Curriculum Guide

Meet Dawn Ledeboer

Dawn Ledeboer
Agricultural Communications and Journalism, Environmental Option
Graduation Date:
May 2022
Why did you choose ACJ?

ACJ gives me a way to combine my passions for agriculture, the outdoors and creativity.

How has this department helped you educationally and professionally? 

I have learned so much and made many valuable connections in my short time at K-State. I transferred from a community college and I was nervous about the transition; however, the teachers and staff have made it such an easy process and have provided me with the resources that I need to succeed. 

Transfer Student Resources

What is your favorite part of this major? 

I think my favorite part of Ag Comm would have to be the friends I have made through the department and/or the ability to truly express myself.  

What skill are you most looking forward to using that you gained in our department? 

I am really looking forward to utilizing the skills I have developed or strengthened in design, editing and production. Learning more about the Adobe software is something that I think will prove beneficial for me in the future. I would love to work in multimedia production or graphic design so these skills will definitely be important to have. 

Student Learning Outcomes

What advice would you give to incoming students? 

Challenge yourself to try new things and get involved in any and every club you are interested in.

Clubs and Activities