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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

Kansas State University
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Agriculture Option

Students selecting the ag­ricultural option take basic science classes and communication courses and can specialize in areas such as policy, agribusiness, or food and agricultural sciences. Those who like to be outdoors, like to work with people, and have a flair for communicating will probably do well in this field. Year after year, applied communications offers steadier employment than other communications fields.

Meet Jordan Pieschl

Jordan Pieschl
Major: Ag Communications  and Journalism
Minor: Animal Sciences and Industry and International Agriculture
2011-2012 Kansas FFA President
Hometown: Brookville, Kan.

Jordan Pieschl

Why did you choose ACJ?
The program is so diverse, so I’m certain I can find a career that play to my strengths. I like the possibility of being a voice for agriculture.
How is the Department of Communications and Agricultural Education helping you with your career goals?
The advisers and I sat down and discussed my goals. They helped me realize that this major is really for me. I am excited for the hands-on experience for which the department is known!
What’s your favorite part of being an ACJ major?
How the major can apply to all of my interests. By breaking down the curriculum and really getting to know my adviser, I can personally tailor the major to work for me.
How have you gotten involved on campus?
Quest Freshman Honorary & Silvery Key Sophomore Honorary
Student Alumni Board
Student Foundation
Ag Ambassadors
Heifer International
"You can take this major so many different directions. It is super flexible and you can get a job in anything from policy to public relations," - Jordan Pieschl.