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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

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Get Involved! New Student Team in Agricultural Communications!

The Agricultural Communications degree program is developing a small team of students to assist with outreach efforts for our major. You can think of this team as “Ag Ambassadors” exclusively for our degree program. Many high school students don’t know that agricultural communications exists as a career field, and we are working to develop more materials and strategies to reach those students.

We would love to have your input, skills, and a bit of your time to help us grow as a program. If you are interested in assisting with this effort AND in developing your communications skills in a real-world setting, fill out the second page of the application and return to Dr. Katie Burke, hard copy (UM 309) or email, kjburke@ksu.edu by April 12th. Team selections will be made by the end of April, and team efforts will go into full swing Fall 2018.

Advancement Team Application 

If you have questions or would like more information, send inquiry to Dr. Katie Burke, kjburke@ksu.edu


Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow

2017 ACT Officer Photo

Officers: Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow officers for 2017 are (back from left) Jill Seiler, President; Mary Marsh, Director of Public Relations;  Samantha Albers, Vice President of Development; Chelsie Calliham, Secretary and Treasurer; Leah Giess, Vice President of Membership; Janae McKinney, Ag Council Representative

Through clubs and activities students learn more about the agriculture communications industry, network with professionals, strengthen skills, build portfolios, establish friendships, and make memories.

There are many ways to get involved in clubs and activities at K-State. Whether it's a club related to your major or participating in a community service project, the opportunities are endless. Ag Communicators of Tomorrow is for those who want to communicate within the broad realm of agriculture. Our meetings include social, professional, and business aspects and are a great way to meet students in the agricultural communications major, as well as others. The group offers many opportunities for those looking to obtain further experience in communications. We are excited about this year and all that we have to offer! Look on this page, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages, for more information.

ACT Club Goals  

  • Reach out to organizations within and outside the College of Agriculture through events.
  • Provide members with necessary and useful tools in the field of agricultural communications and journalism by providing a checklist and interactive professional development activities.
  • Host two philanthropy events per semester.
  • Create and stick to a yearly budget.
  • Increase communication with our members and the public by developing a social media plan and other communication platforms.
New Requirements: To earn financial support from ACT to attend a professional development conference or Agricultural Media Summit, or to earn funding for contest registrations, dues must be paid and members must attend 70 percent of all ACT functions.


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ACT 2017–2018 Officers
Jill Seiler, President
Samantha Albers, Vice President of Development
Leah Giess, Vice President of Membership
Chelsie Calliham, Secretary/Treasurer
Mary Marsh, Public Relations Director
Janae McKinney, Ag Council Representative


Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow
Officer Mission Statement
To be intentional about our relationships with advisors, members and outside
students in order to make them feel welcome and invited to grow
personally and professionally with us.
Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT)
is sponsored by
the Department of Communications and Agricultural Education.