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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

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Kansas State University Agricultural Education

Spring 2018 Teaching Interns

Students enrolled in Kansas State University Agricultural Education program complete teaching internships in classrooms across the state. Each intern gains experience in classroom and laboratory instruction, supervision of students' agricultural experiences, and advising the student leadership development organization, FFA.


Front row, left to right: Ellen Blackwell, James Weller, Chelsey Figge, Paxton Boore, Matthew Anguiano,
Elizabeth Rogers, Michaela McKenzie, Alexandra Walters, and Cassie Campbell
Back row, left to right: Caitlyn Wedel, Mallory Burton, Baylee Siemens, Josephine Reilly, Wyatt Maurer,
Zachariah Cooper, Michael Adame, Dane Cummings, Ty Nienke, and Brooke Harshaw


Michael Adame



Matthew Anguiano


Ellen Blackwell

Ellen Blackwell



Paxton Boore



Mallory Burton



Cassie Campbell



Zachariah Cooper



Dane Cummings



Chelsey Figge



Brooke Harshaw



Wyatt Maurer



Michaela McKenzie



Josephine Reilly



Elizabeth Rogers



Baylee Siemens



Alexandra Walters



Caitlyn Wedel



James Weller



Spring 2017 Teaching Interns 

Group photo
First row left to right: Cheyenne Moyer, Beth Augustine, Carley Conley, Tyler Cates and Amber Mock
Second row left to right: Alicia Torr, Courtney Shamberger, Makayla Leslie, Melissa Poet and Wyatt Wentz
Third row left to right: Colton Branch, Megan Meiwes, MaKayla LaRue, Cain Fouard and Cody Holliday
Fourth row left to right: Jacob Rutledge, William Johnson, Trint Peine, Macy Anderson and Ellen Revell


Spring 2016 Teaching Interns 

Group photo
Back left to right: Morgan Ancell, Alicia Oard, Blair Nickelson, Michelle Keener, Andrea Mattas
and Alfonzo Prescott.
Front left to right: Matthew Peterson, Ashley Tonn, Hannah Boehm, Shelby Bargmann, Austin Seinfort
Arika Haresnape and Ashley Leer.

Spring 2015 Teaching Interns

2015 teaching interns

Back left to right: Mackenzie Witzel, Jacob Stroda, Sara Schifferdecker, Sarah Lewis, Hannah Anderson, Kinzie Selke, Kaitlyn Harlow and Jonathan Meyer
Front left to right: Amanda Strickler, Tara Lohse, Katelyn Vincent, Sara Wendt, Theresa Jardine, Alicia Hampton and Kayla Klahr