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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

Kansas State University
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Welcome to the Agriculture Communications and Journalism program at K-State. You've made a great choice! As an ACJ student, you will have opportunities to learn, network with industry professionals, build friendships with peers, and develop communications skills that will put you at the top of your game.

Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT)

Current Academic Advisers

Student Work:

Agriculturist Spring 2015
Agriculturist Fall 2014
Agriculturist Spring 2014
Agriculturist Fall 2013
Agriculturist Spring 2013
Agriculturist Fall 2012
Agriculturist Spring 2012
Agriculturist Spring 2010
Agriculturist Fall 2009
Agriculturist Spring 2009


Meet Logan Britton

Logan Britton
Major: Ag Communications & Journalism and Agricultural Economics
Hometown: Bartlett, Kan.

Logan Britton
Why did you choose ACJ?
I wanted to combine my passion for people and agriculture. Hopefully through a career in advertising or marketing, I can give back to the industry.
How is the Department of Communications and Agricultural Education helping you with your career goals?
There are lots of mentors in the department, such as the advisers and the department head. They all sincerely care about my future, and I go to them for advice.
What’s your favorite part of being an ACJ major?
My class work applies outside of the classroom. I get to use the skills I learn every day at my on-campus job and beyond.
How have you gotten involved on campus?
I found what I really enjoy – I started getting involved at the department level and am now active at the college level. I have multiple leadership roles, and I am certainly enjoying it.

"Simply put, the people are great. While the department is small, it is easy to know your peers and the faculty. It’s not just a college – it’s a family," - Logan Britton.