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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

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Style, F-G-H-I-J

farmers market — A noun phrase that describes a place where local growers can sell their wares. Note the lack of apostrophe.

farther, furtherFarther is used to express physical distance. He hiked farther into the wilderness. Further applies to extent or degree. I will conduct further research into the problem.

fewer, less — Use fewer if you are counting items. There are fewer marbles in this jar than in the other one. Use less to indicate an amount. He has less than $100 in his account.

FFA — The organization formerly known as Future Farmers of America is now known by its initials only.

first come, first served — Not hyphenated; indicates that something will be dealt with in the order in which it was received. Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis.

firsthand — One word.

five grand challenges — Lowercase in text referring to the five grand challenges that are an emphasis for research and education by K-State Research and Extension. They are: global food systems, water, health, developing tomorrow’s leaders, and community vitality. The order can vary, but global food systems should be listed first. The publication UNN28, Making a Difference for KansansJanuary 2014, describes the five grand challenges in more detail.

flier — Standard spelling in American English, applies to both the person who flies and the handbill announcing an event or product.

foodborne — One word.

french fries — Lowercase — it refers to the style of cut, not the country.

full time, full-time — Hyphenate when used as a modifier. She works full time. I’m looking for full-time work.

fundraising, fundraiser — One word.

government entities — Capitalize "City" and "State" when referring to the government. She works for the City of Manhattan. I'm a State of Kanss employee. When referring to the place, lowercase words such as "city," "village," "township," and "state." I live in the village of Industry. He visited his grandmother in the city. My uncle lives in the state of Nebraska. 

grand challenges — See five grand challenges.

groundwater — One word.

gpa — Gallons per acre

gpm — Gallons per minute

GPS — Global positioning system

handwashing — One word.

health care — No hyphen when used as a noun. She was concerned about the high cost of health care.
Hyphenate when used as an adjective. He was looking for a new health-care provider.

health insurance marketplace — A place to find affordable private insurance plans approved by the federal government. Lowercase unless part of a title.

impact — Avoid using impact as a verb, except to mean “strike forcefully.” Raindrops impacted the soil surface, causing runoff and erosion. Do not use impact to mean “affect."

Internet — Capitalize.

intranet — A private network within an organization; lowercase.

its, it’s — Spell the contraction of “it is” with an apostrophe (it’s). Leave out the apostrophe for the possessive of “it” (its).