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What is EPub

What is an epub?

In its simplest sense, it is any document that can be read on an electronic device. In this case, it means a specific file format designed to be read on smartphones and tablet devices.

What are some of the advantages of an epub file?

• Epub files are portable. Once they are loaded on a smartphone, tablet, or similar device, connectivity to the Internet is not required to view the file.

• Epub files are adaptable to the desires of the person viewing the file. Often, the viewer can choose the font style and size. The text of an epub reflows as the font size changes. This is a big difference between pdf files and epub files; a pdf file retains the “look” of the printed publication, and an epub is displayed in a way the viewer determines.

• Epub files (ending in .epub) are becoming a standard used by many companies. For example, free epub readers are available to download for use on devices from Apple, Android systems, Nook tablets, and Blackberry phones.

What are some of the disadvantages of an epub file?

• The formatting of an epub is variable, so design-intensive layouts do not reproduce well. Only small, simple tables work well. Because each user determines the font and size, a subtitle might appear to be at the bottom of a “page” instead of with the text it introduces.

• Currently, epub files are not so common that computers come with software installed to open them. Free readers are available, but usually they must be installed.

• The current Kindle reader from Amazon uses a different file format and does not open .epub files.

• Creating an epub file is not as straightforward as creating a pdf file, which is currently used for printing and posting on the KSRE Bookstore site. Extra time is involved in creating epub files.

How do epub files add value to our programs?

Epub files allow our information to be available in an additional format that works even when a traditional computer and the Internet are unavailable.

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January 2012
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