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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

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Frequently Asked Questions in Educational Publishing

How do I submit a publication?

To begin most publications, the editor will need final text, figures or high-resolution photos (if required), and a publishing request form with required signatures. If you need art but do not have it, please discuss that with the editor.

Publications that become part of the K-State Research and Extension Bookstore inventory must be peer reviewed and approved by the author's unit leader, state leader, department head, associate director, or other administrator. Peer reviewers must have expertise in the subject area; they are usually colleagues at K-State or other universities. If you have questions about approvals or publishing procedures, contact your editor.

How much will it cost?

There is no charge for editing or design of publications that will be part of the K-State Research and Extension inventory. The numbered inventory includes printed and electronic documents, as well as other educational materials. Unnumbered publications or those intended for limited use — such as brochures and newsletters — are subject to the schedule of charges. Contact your editor or the unit leader for details.

How long will it take?

Allow a minimum of 12 weeks from the date of submission for most publications. Discuss the schedule with your editor or designer.

What if I need it sooner?

Requests for publications to address an urgent problem — for example, to provide information on a pest or disease outbreak or to cope with a natural disaster — are prioritized. If your publication fits in this category, we will work with you to publish it as quickly as possible.

Publications that do not meet these standards but are needed ahead of the standard production schedule are subject to a rush charge of an additional $37 per hour for professional services.

How do I order copies of my publication?

The K-State Research and Extension Bookstore/Library is available online.

Order printed copies through the K-State Research and Extension Bookstore.
E-mail: orderpub@k-state.edu
Or call 785-532-5830

How should I request a design, graphics, or illustration?

Contact the publishing unit coordinator to initiate a design request.

What types of manuscripts should receive a Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station contribution number?
What qualifies a manuscript to receive a Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station contribution number and editing?
I'm a new faculty member; should I receive a Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station contribution number for my manuscript?

See Guidelines for Publishing Research Results for general information about KAES contribution numbers and editing.

How do I request a Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station contribution number and editing for a research manuscript?

Use the KAES online manuscript submission system.

I have research and extension tenths time; do my extension publications receive Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station contribution numbers?

Extension publications have a separate numbering system. They do not require a contribution number.