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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

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Employee of the Year

Nominate a valued Department of Communications and Agricultural Education co-worker for student, university support staff , or unclassified employee of the year.

Each year the department selects and recognizes one student employee, university support staff, and unclassified employee of the year. The committee comprises one unit leader, one classified departmental representative, and one unclassified representative. This year's committee members are Rob Nixon, Deb McClain-Williams and Kris Hanson. The department head appoints a unit leader every two years, and previous winners serve staggered terms as representatives.

Nomination Form


Nominees must:

1. Be employed in the department for a minimum of one year and not currently serving on the selection committee.

2. Contribute significantly to the betterment of the department or organization.

3. Demonstrate the KSU Principles of Community http://www.k-state.edu/welcome/community.html


1. Individuals may self-nominate or be nominated by others.

2. Nominations for the Employee of the Year should be submitted no later than December 21, 2018, to Kris Hanson

3. Nominations should address the nominee's:
. quality of work and productivity;
. positive interaction and relationships with coworkers, supervisors,and clients;
. ability to handle multiple challenges or opportunities;
. demonstrated accomplishments;
. service contribution; and
. ability to lead, yet also work successfully as a team member.

4. Nominations must be submitted on the form in the space provided.

5. Nominations will be reviewed by the committee in December.

6. Award recipients' names will be placed on a plaque currently displayed in 301 Umberger Hall, and each will receive a commemorative individual

7. Award recipients will be announced and recognized at the holiday party. 

8. Award recipients will be recognized at the K-State Research and Extension Annual Conference.The classified award recipient has the opportunity to be recognized at the Kansas State University Classified Employee Recognition Ceremony in May.

YearUniversity Support Staff AwardUnclassified Award
2017Rick ButlerPhylicia Mau
2016Rex JonesLinda Gilmore
2015Rollin MenschBrandie Disberger
2014Mandy WilsonDan Donnert
2013DeWayne Marcellus (Retired, 2017)Nancy Zimmerli-Cates (Retired, Emeritus)
2012Daylon (Doug) AustinMark Stadtlander
2011Tamie StaatzRussell Feldhausen
2010Debbie WebbGina Nixon
2009Greg LeValleyAmy Hartman
2008Lori BussDeb Pryor
2007Rob NixonGloria Holcombe
2006Lisa HellerNancy Peterson (Retired, Emeritus)