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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

Kansas State University
1612 Claflin Road
301 Umberger Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-3402

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CASE Agricultural Business Foundations

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Agricultural Business Foundation BriefCASE
hosted by Kansas State University

June 20, 2023

Manhattan, KS


CASE Institute Schedule

The CASE Agricultural Business Foundations BriefCASE will be held on Tuesday, June 20th from 8 am – 12:30 pm in Manhattan, KS at the Agronomy Education Center.

Check-in: Tuesday, June 20th at 7:30 am we will begin to check in participants. We will start the training at 8:00 am at Kansas State University’s Agronomy Educational Center, 2200 Kimball Ave, Manhattan, KS 66502.

Host Logistics: Kansas State University is excited to host this institute, Brandie Disberger at bdis@ksu.edu is your host contact.

Housing: Hotel rooms will not be provided with this workshop.

Attire: We will be utilizing University classrooms and laboratory spaces.  The temperature in these rooms can vary, so dressing in layers is suggested.  Please dress comfortably but professionally.

Parking: Parking passes are not required at the Agronomy Education Center.

Meals: No meals will be provided with this training.

Graduate Credit: If you are interested in graduate credit for more than one BriefCASE, you may be eligible for our reduced tuition program, details can be found here.