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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

Kansas State University
1612 Claflin Road
301 Umberger Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-3402

785-532-5633 fax

Alumni Information

Who are our Alumni?

Alumni of our program are agriculture leaders who work in education and business positions.

What they do:

  • Hold leadership positions in school districts.
  • Work in human resources jobs and education positions.
  • Serve the industry through agricultural lending.
  • Work for K-State Research and Extension.

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Support Our Students

Anyone interested in supporting our students through a scholarship can donate to the "Ag Education Excellence Fund" through the Kansas State University Foundation or work with the foundation to establish a fund of their own to support agricultural education students.


Job Opportunities

If you wish to send information about potential job placements and internships, or you would like to know about those opportunities, please contact Brandie Disberger.

The information regarding those opportunities will be distributed through the agricultural education major listserv to reach all of our current students.


Graduate Program

The Master of Science in Agricultural Education and Communication offers professionals in agricultural education, agricultural communications, extension education and related fields with opportunities to broaden their knowledge while expanding their technical competence.

The degree offers a scholarly project option with 32 total credit hours and a master’s thesis option with 30 total credits.

For more information about, or to apply for the Master program, contact Dr. Gaea Hock at 785-532-1166 or at ghock@ksu.edu.

Click here for graducate program information


Alumni Testimonials

 "The K-State Ag Ed program without a doubt prepared me perfectly for a career within the agriculture industry. Each day within the program I was fueled with the passion of our educators and have carried that passion with me to besome successful in the role I currently hold." -Hannah Hosick, Agricultural Education '20
Kaitlyn Pinkston"Choose K-State Agricultural Education because everyone truly cares about your personal and professional development, and they go above and beyond to make sure that you succeed. I am thankful for my time in K-State Ag Ed." -Katelyn Pinkston, Agricultural Education '20
Caitlyn LaHaye"This program has taught me everything I need to be successful. If I went back and chose what university to enroll for agricultural education, I would choose KSU Ag Ed every time." - Caitlyn LaHaye, Agriculture teacher for Chanute Public Schools, Agricultural Education '18
Jake Rutledge"The KSU Ag Ed program prepared me for success in three ways; it allowed me to build a solid network, it gave me real world experience (including a lot of time with students before graduation), and it challenged me to grow in a controlled, safe environment." -Jake Rutledge, Agriculture Teacher Chapman High School, Agricultural Education '17

"K-State gave me peers who entered the field with me, set me up with tools to be successful in the profession, and continued to be a support group when needed." -Andrea Flegler, Agriculture Teacher for Clay Center Community High School, Agricultural Education '16

"I utilize my facilitation and presentation skills I obtained from going through Ag. Ed. As an extension agent we help to educate producers on topics including, but not limited to: profitability, fertilizing, weed control, pest control, crop management." -Chris Long, Agriculture Agent and District Director for K-State Research and Extension, Agricultural Education '03