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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

Kansas State University
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Manhattan, KS 66506-3402

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Departmental 2010-2014 Strategic Plan

Revised August 2012

Complete Departmental Strategic Plan (PDF)

Strategic Plan Summary (PDF)

Organizational Chart (PDF)

Team Chairs and Liaisons (PDF)

Academic (PDF)

Tier 1 (PDF)

Tier 2 (PDF)



Tier 1 (PDF)


Extramural Funding (PDF)

Tier 1 (PDF)


Infrastructure (PDF)

Tier 2 (PDF)


Marketing (PDF)

Tier 1 (PDF)


Training (PDF)

Tier 1 (PDF)

Tier 3 (PDF)

Tier 4 (PDF)


Web Enhancements (PDF)

Tier 1 (PDF)

Tier 2 (PDF)

Work-Life Balance Programs (PDF)

Tier 1 (PDF)


Completed (PDF)

Academic-Develop/Revise Agricultural and Environmental Options in ACJ Curriculum (PDF)

Academic-Extension Education Bachelors' Program (PDF)

Collaboration-Create Campus Communications Award (PDF)

Collaboration-Communications Institute (PDF)

Collaboration-Information Sharing Among Units within KSRE and the CoA (PDF)

Infrastructure-Green Initiative - Stewardship (PDF)

Infrastructure-Continuity of Operations Planning (PDF)

Marketing-KSRE and CoA New Employee Orientation Packet (PDF)

Training-CMS Training (PDF)

Training-Hands on Training Offered at Annual Conference on Media Technology (PDF)

Web Enhancements-Develop CMS 2.0 (PDF)

Web Enhancements-Enhance KSRE Web Presence and Content Standards (PDF)

WebEnhancements-Maintain and Improve the Web Site for Academic Programs (PDF)

Web Enhancements-Standardize Information Categories (PDF)