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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

Kansas State University
1612 Claflin Road
301 Umberger Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-3402

785-532-5633 fax

Style Guide: People, Names and Titles

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Central Administration
Gen. Richard B. Myers
, K-State President
April Mason, Provost and Senior Vice President
Sue Peterson, Assistant to the President and Director of Governmental Relations
Jeffery Morris, Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Peter Dorhout, Vice President for Research

K-State Research and Extension
John D. Floros, Director, K-State Research and Extension, and Dean, College of Agriculture
Gregg Hadley, Associate Director for Extension and Applied Research
J. Ernest “Ernie” Minton, Associate Director for Research
Nina Lilja, Associate Dean for International Agricultural Programs
Zelia Wiley, Assistant Dean for Diversity Programs
Susan MetzgerSenior Executive Administrator 
James LindquistAssistant Director for Field Operations
Wade Weber, Department Head and State Leader, 4-H Youth Development 
Paula PetersAssistant Director for Programs
Stacey Warner, Extension Operations Leader
Dan Devlin, Director, Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment
Randall Phebus, Interim Director, Food Science Institute

Regional Directors
Wayne Moore
, Northwest Area Extension Office (Colby)
J.D. McNutt, Southeast Area Extension Office (Parsons)
Chris Onstad, Northeast Area Extension Office (Manhattan)
Mary Sullivan, Southwest Area Extension Office (Garden City)

Research Center Directors
Bob Gillen
, Western Kansas Agricultural Research Centers (Hays, Garden City, Tribune, Colby)
Lyle Lomas, Southeast Research and Extension Center (Parsons, Columbus, Mound Valley)

College of Agriculture
Don Boggs
, Associate Dean for Academic Programs
J. Ernest "Ernie" Minton, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs
Nina Lilja, Associate Dean for International Agricultural Programs
Sandy Klein, Assistant Dean, Academic Programs
Shannon Washburn, Assistant Dean, Academic Programs 
Zelia Wiley, Assistant Dean for Diversity Programs
Gary Pierzynksi, Department Head, Agronomy
Allen Featherstone, Department Head, Agricultural Economics
Evan Titgemeyer, Interim Department Head, Animal Sciences and Industry
Jason Ellis, Department Head, Communications and Agricultural Education
John Ruberson, Department Head, Entomology
Gordon Smith, Department Head, Grain Science and Industry
Candice Shoemaker, Department Head, Horticulture and Natural Resources
Martin Draper, Department Head, Plant Pathology

Development Officers
Kim Schirer
, Senior Director of Development, College of Agriculture
Emilie Fink, Development Officer, College of Agriculture
Drew Goering, Development Officer, College of Agriculture
Gordon Dowell, Assistant Director of Gift Planning 

Affiliated Colleges and Departments
Bonnie Rush, Interim Dean of Veterinary Medicine 
Darren Dawson, Dean of Engineering
Amit Chakrabarti, Dean of Arts and Sciences
John Buckwalter, Dean of Human Ecology
Joe Harner, Department Head, Biological and Agricultural Engineering