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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

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Considering Agricultural Education?

College of Agriculture

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Meet Anthony Meals

Anthony Meals
Major: Agricultural Education
Minor: Geography
Hometown: Clay Center, Kan.
Anthony Meals
Why did you choose Agricultural Education?
I always wanted to teach. I also had a great ag adviser in Clay Center. The student interaction of FFA and being able to travel with my students also interests me.
How is the Department of Communications and Agricultural Education helping you with your career goals?
Dr. Washburn helped me get involved with the McNair Scholars Program. He also helped me decide to get a minor in geography to make myself more marketable.
What’s your favorite part of being an Agricultural Education major?
I love students and helping them succeed. I like being an encouraging force in their lives. In high school, students really need guidance, and I’m happy to offer that help.
How have you gotten involved on campus?
Helped start Heifer International on campus
Ag Ed Club
McNair Scholars Program
"When you get to campus, you can really look forward to interacting with your advisers. They are your friends, friends who want to help and don’t mind when you stop in their office and ask all kinds of questions," - Anthony Meals.