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Communications and Agricultural Education

Communications and Agricultural Education

Kansas State University
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Meet Jessica Reeves

Jessica Reeves
Major: Ag Education
Minor: Animal Sciences & Industry
Hometown: Norton, Kan.
Jessica Reeves
Why did you choose Agricultural Education?
The options. I wanted to be involved in agriculture and I wanted to teach others. I chose this major because I can basically do anything I want when I graduate.
How is the Department of Communications and Agricultural Education helping you with your career goals?
By giving me networking opportunities, I’ll basically know everyone I’ll be working with, and I’ll know them well. I want to end up back in western Kansas, and the department is giving me ways to simulate that experience.
What’s your favorite part of being an Agricultural Education major?
You get to try out every side of agriculture and can then learn more about specific aspects.
How have you gotten involved on campus?
The Ag Ed Club and I spent a semester abroad studying in Melbourne, Australia during the fall of 2012 studying agriculture at La Trobe University.

"Use the opportunities. There are millions of things happening in the College of Agriculture, and I never would have known about studying abroad if it weren’t for their efficient spread of information," - Jessica Reeves.